The land of Kush to ancient Egyptians - Nubia, is the land between the First and Fourth Cataracts of the Nile. Here you experience a different people, traditions and culture, yet so much a part of Egypt. Discover the hidden treasures of Nubia as you cruise Lake Nasser and the Nile.

Sample cruise itinerary:

Day1 Embark your luxury cruise boat (m/s Nubian Sea or m/s Prince Abbas) at Aswan.
Visit the temple of Kalabasha, built in the reign of Augustus and dedicated to the Nubian sun-god Mandulis. The temple which once stood 50 km south of Aswan, has been re-erected to save it from being lost beneath the waters of Lake Nasser. Overnight Aswan.

Day2 All day leisure sailing to Wadi es-Sebua ("valley of the lions").

Day3 Visit the Temple of Wadi es-Sebua, one of the most elaborate of Ramesses II's Nubian monuments. Then sail to Amada and visit the Temple of Amada, which also has been moved 2 miles across the desert on rails to higher ground (330 feet above). The southern section of this complex comprises the temple of Derr and the tomb of Pennut, a high ranking official during the reign of Ramesses VI.

Day4 Sail to the island of Qasr Ibrim for spectacular views of the surrounding area from what once was a hilltop fortress. Time to relax and enjoy the scenery. Return to your boat and sail to Abu Simbel. Visit the great rock temple complex of Ramesses II and enjoy the unique experience of this visit during sunset. Overnight Abu Simbel.

Day5 Disembark and return to Aswan.

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